Biopure et l'importance du moi-peau

Biopure and the importance of the skin self

But what is the skin self?

The creation of the BIOPURE facial care range was based on the importance of introducing the self-skin concept into women's daily lives. It is an innovative and holistic approach that recognizes the fundamental importance of the relationship between body, mind and the external environment. A concept that was introduced by the French psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu.

Recognizing the concept of the skin-self in the BIOPURE facial care ritual allows a moment of love and connection with oneself, and here is why:

Respect for individuality

 By recognizing the importance of the skin-self, the BIOPURE range recognizes the individuality of each woman and the need to consider her specific skincare needs. This makes it possible to offer personalized products adapted to all skin types and each individual concern.

Emotional well-being

By taking care of the skin, the BIOPURE range also contributes to the emotional well-being of women. By recognizing and respecting the boundaries of the skin-self, these products can help build self-confidence and promote a positive body image, which can have positive impacts on mental and emotional well-being.

Protection against external aggression

The skin-ego acts as a protective barrier against external aggressions such as pollution, UV rays and chemicals. By offering products formulated with natural, skin-friendly ingredients, the Biopure range helps to strengthen this barrier and protect the skin from environmental damage.

Raising awareness of the importance of self-care

By emphasizing the importance of the skin-self , the BIOPURE range educates women about the importance of self-care and taking charge of their physical and emotional well-being. This can encourage women to take time for themselves and incorporate skincare rituals into their daily routine, which can have beneficial effects on their overall health.

In summary, by focusing on the importance of the skin self , the BIOPURE facial care range offers a holistic approach that takes into account both the physical and emotional needs of women, thus helping them achieve healthy and radiant skin, while promoting their overall well-being.

Myriam xx

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