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Dare to shine event!

This holistic half-day event includes several workshops, discoveries and surprises!

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- Facial treatment ritual

- Introduction to intuitive dance

- Chat time

-Well-being kit including 2 Biopure products and a Makani notebook

Several workshops offered to help you dare to shine!

Dear women, you are invited to participate in the DARE TO SHINE event! with unique workshops designed especially for you, where you can explore your full potential and shine in every aspect of your life. These workshops combine a treatment ritual, an initiation to intuitive dance, moments of exchange and talk, all in a holistic and human approach.

  • Care workshop

    Take care of your skin and your physical well-being with a Biopure facial treatment ritual, designed to nourish your skin and nourish your mind. Immerse yourself in the sensory experience of natural and organic products, while connecting with your own inner beauty through the importance of the skin-self !

  • Introduction to intuitive dance

    Let go and let your body express itself through intuitive dance. This practice will allow you to connect with your body, your emotions and your creativity in an authentic and spontaneous way. Let yourself be guided by the music and let yourself dance, in love and without judgment.

  • Chat time

    Share your experiences, challenges and aspirations with other women in a safe and caring space. Hear inspiring stories from other participants
    and find support and guidance to nourish your own personal growth.

Training dare to shine!

Dare to put yourself forward and prioritize yourself both on a daily basis and in business

1:1 coaching

To you dear women who want to reach your full potential and shine in all aspects of your life.

With a humane and holistic business coaching technique, which is committed to helping you achieve your professional goals while balancing your family and personal responsibilities.

Everyone has their own story, curious to hear yours!

Myriam xx

I can't wait to discover the exceptional woman that you are✨

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